Introducing Child Cancer Foundation 

The Child Cancer Foundation (CCF) is one of NZ’s largest charities, yet receives no support from the government. This is why fundraising events like the annual street appeal are critical to their ability to support Kiwi kids undergoing going treatment, and their whanau. 

CCF has two key areas of focus – supporting child cancer research and child cancer support for whanau. The CCF collaborates with healthcare providers to encourage further study and education so that every child diagnosed with cancer in New Zealand receives the best possible outcome. The Foundation has also supported research into the ‘late effects’ of post-cancer treatment in recent years.

The Child Cancer Foundation has a dedicated Family Support Coordinator assigned to each new family to assist them with all of their needs as they navigate their way through treatment. They provide the family support in emotional wellbeing, social connection, building resilience, practical support and moving forward.

Supporting Child Cancer Foundation 

New Zealand Couriers is a long-standing supporter of the CCF. We’ve been in a long-term partnership with the foundation, and supported them through various circumstances during which our team has enjoyed participating. Here are some of the past events that we’ll continue to support in the future.

Go for Gold Fundraiser: We have committed to being an Event Partner at the ‘2022 Go for Gold’ fundraiser. During the year, New Zealand Couriers was a sponsor of the Child Cancer Foundation’s Go for Gold gala dinner and fundraiser held in May. This is an annual event where CCF staff, suppliers and their friends enjoy an evening of fun and raise funds during the evening. 

At New Zealand Couriers, we're passionate about making a difference in our communities...

Whanau Connect Groups: The Child Cancer Foundation operates 19 Whanau Connect Groups nationally. Run by dedicated volunteers, the groups connect families impacted by child cancer within communities and enable them to meet, connect and support each other through shared experiences. In 2020, New Zealand Couriers helped the Connect Groups deliver over 700 hampers to families living with child cancer.  

Great Kiwi Barbeque:  

As event sponsors, during March and April 2021, we delivered entry packs, free of charge, for CCF’s first Great Kiwi Barbeque fundraiser. Thanks to the efforts of many businesses and individuals throughout the country, the Great Kiwi Barbeque raised a whopping $48,225. Also, many of our Branches and Teams around the country held events at their depots.

The BBQ in Christchurch on 16th March 2021 was a big success with $728.80 raised! A big thanks to Team Hutchinson Ford and Anzco Foods for the loan of the BBQs and the donation from Anzco of 300 meat patties for the event!

Other events:

There are several activities throughout the year sponsored or taken part in in order to help the Child Cancer Foundation. These have included dress-up days like ‘Wig Wednesday’, which happens every September and which our teams all over the country partake in.  

Other events have also included the annual March street appeal, which we promote through our customer e-newsletter and website, and an array of internal fundraisers. During COVID, many events had to be cancelled for the Child Cancer Foundation, so in March 2022 we felt it was important to continue to show our support during these harder times when fundraising is undoubtedly more challenging. 

Our people love to support their favourite sports teams, so in March we ran an internal fundraiser ‘Dress to Support Your Favourite Team’, company-wide. Our people got behind the cause and had some fun along the way. Here are some shots of our passionate sports supporters! 

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How you can provide support

New Zealand Couriers are part of — and rely on — communities throughout the country. It’s important to give back however we can. We give back in a variety of ways, one of which is our partnership with the Child Cancer Foundation, a cause we have supported for many years now.

So whether you decide to host a backyard barbie or participate in Wig Wednesday with your team, know that you’ll be making a huge difference to the lives of Kiwi families dealing with child cancer.

If you’d like to make a donation or find out how you can support, head over to the Child Cancer website.