How New Zealand Couriers help deliver everyday

There’s no doubt ecommerce has changed the way we shop. Gone are the days of driving around town looking for parking or waiting in line at your local store to make a purchase. Instead, you can browse online and order whatever you want to be delivered to your front door.

Let’s look at, an ecommerce store that relies on providing its customers with a great delivery experience, day in, day out.

New Zealand Couriers helps deliver approximately 1,000 parcels a day, all over New Zealand.

Born and ripened in Hawkes Bay, The Brand Outlet, now known as, sprang to life in 2013. ​Frustrated at how hard it was to access products in NZ, they sourced goods overseas and operated pop-up stores all over NZ.

The goal was simple – to offer Kiwis great deals on fragrance and beauty products. While the pop-up stores were successful, they realised there had to be a better way to reach more customers. That’s when they launched online.​

New Zealand Couriers has been a large part of’s customer experience, providing a consistently reliable ecommerce delivery service. Read what Damien Green, the Director of has to say about his experience partnering with New Zealand Couriers. 

1. Provide delivery notifications

As soon as an item is picked up, customers receive an email with the updated tracking information, giving them confidence that their package is on the way and building trust between the brand and the customer. “There’s quite a lot of trust involved with buying something online, and anything you can do to add to that trust helps the customer,” says Damien Green, Director at

“…with ecommerce, what the customers like to see is things moving throughout the day”, says Damien.

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Taking a look at ecommerce delivery expectations in New Zealand, all consumers want to know where their order is as it goes through the parcel network. Our Ecommerce Insights: Consumer 2020/21 Report found that “Globally, 86% of shoppers actively track either some or all of their deliveries”. In referring to delivery notifications, Damien states, “You need to make sure that the technology behind it all works as seamlessly as possible. When you’re operating at scale, you need to have things automated.”

2. Meet customer delivery expectations

The number of reviews shoppers give about delivery speed is significant, and illustrates that they can rely on New Zealand Couriers to help provide shoppers with an unrivalled delivery experience.

The most common delivery issue in NZ is the wait time being longer than expected – it accounts for 42% of all issues. Working with a reliable delivery company is essential to meeting ecommerce delivery expectations. Not every customer expects same-day delivery, but when it happens, it meets and exceeds their expectations.

3. Deliver parcels when customers want

Expected delivery time is one of the top pre-purchase delivery considerations for customers, with 64% of consumers saying they would pay more for same-day delivery. Damien states, “At, we’re 100% focused on exceeding our shoppers’ expectations. We know they expect their orders fast. That’s why next day delivery to most areas throughout New Zealand is so important.”

A good first impression is critical for ecommerce retailers to ensure repeat business.

4. Help keep their customers coming back

94% of customers blame the retailer after a delivery goes poorly, and a failed delivery impacts a customer’s chance to shop with you again. 

“Our shoppers consistently tell us how easy it is. The price, the service and how unexpectedly speedy their delivery was. It’s joy like this that keeps them coming back to shop with us. Getting same-day delivery for our customers is like wow… this is amazing”, says Damien.

Couriers are an extension of a retailer’s business. Excellence in delivery is a significant reflection on the retailer’s brand, and the delivery partner of choice says a lot about a retailer’s focus on customer experience.

5. Deliver in all circumstances

Things got crazy through COVID-19, with demand for essential items like food boxes, masks and personal care going through the roof. New Zealand Couriers were able to step up and deliver in all circumstances, making feel confident they could rely on them when it mattered most. 

“New Zealand Couriers moved heaven and earth to make sure we got those orders shipped out, including having drivers pick packages up at midnight just so the customers got their produce fresh the next day” says Damien.

Continuing to evolve

Ecommerce delivery expectations continue to evolve, and companies must keep up with the pace. At New Zealand Couriers, we’re committed to helping deliver a great experience that exceeds their shoppers’ expectations.

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Our Regional Sales Manager, Nicky Jonson, goes on to say working with is “like a partnership, Damien comes up with ideas and we adapt and evolve with them and that’s probably the key role around the courier industry – you need to evolve with your customers.”

“I really feel like they understand our success is their success,”– Damien Green, Director at

We couldn’t have said it any better. Find out how you can start delivering for your customers today by talking to us.