Many Kiwis show a strong preference for shopping online for gifts. In the lead-up to the Matariki holiday in July 2023, a significant 4.3% increase in EFTPOS payments, nearly hitting 2.92 billion, underscored the importance of pre-holiday consumer spending.

These periods present valuable opportunities for both consumers and businesses, and New Zealand Couriers ensures its services are optimised to meet the increased demand for online shopping. This dedication to service excellence is highlighted in our recent network pressure test results.

Mother’s Day Network Pressure Test

Although it is not commonly known, our research has revealed that Mother’s Day ranks among the top five eCommerce sales holidays in New Zealand. This finding highlights the significant consumer spending associated with this occasion, surpassing many other well-known holidays. The data underscores the importance of Mother’s Day in the retail calendar, emphasising its impact on eCommerce activity and the need for efficient delivery services during this period. Given the significant consumer spending during this period, it was the perfect time to test our delivery service capabilities.

What was tested?

On 8 May 2024, a total of 398 parcels were sent from Auckland to identical residential addresses around New Zealand. 199 parcels through New Zealand Couriers and 199 parcels through NZ Post. The deliveries were tracked with the following results.

What were the results of the test?

New Zealand Couriers delivered 96% of the parcels the next day and 98% within two days, while NZ Post delivered 47% of the parcels the next day and 90% within two days.

On average, New Zealand Couriers delivered parcels to residential addresses 17 hours and 23 minutes earlier than NZ Post.

  1. N=199 ‘overnight’ courier items were sent through each network – with one item from each company (New Zealand Couriers and NZ Post) being sent to each of the 199 individual recipient’s addresses. This provides a margin of error (for reporting purposes) of +/-6.9% at the 95% confidence level.
  2. The items were inserted into both networks in Auckland on Wednesday 8th May, 2024. The delivery duration was calculated to be the time between 12.00am on Thursday 9th May, 2024 and the actual day and time of delivery of the item to the recipient.
  3. Delivery durations were calculated based on the ‘track and trace’ details provided on each company’s website.

The independent test results revealed that New Zealand Couriers significantly outperformed the competitor. On average, our local courier service delivered the parcels to residential addresses almost twice as fast. This outcome underscores our network’s efficiency and reliability, highlighting why we remain a preferred courier service for many.

Get the Full Report

Download the full PDF report for our Mother’s Day Network Pressure Test to see how our network performed.

Results from Past Network Tests

Since January 2020, we have commissioned ten independent Residential Network Pressure Tests by Mobius Research & Strategy. These tests are crucial in helping us consistently evaluate our performance under pressure, ensuring that we meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our consistent performance in these pressure tests demonstrates our dedication to maintaining high service standards. Whether during peak holiday seasons or regular days, New Zealand Couriers continues to provide swift and reliable delivery services across the country.

Who performed the best?

Next day delivery %

Within 2 Day Delivery %


Throughout these tests, New Zealand Couriers consistently demonstrated superior performance, boasting an average delivery time nearly half that of NZ Post. It’s important to remember that all courier networks faced significant pressure during these evaluations.

Our commitment is to ensure that our premium service not only meets but exceeds expectations, delivering the highest service standards in the industry. Discover how you can enhance customer satisfaction with reliable residential delivery for your business.