For many small businesses around New Zealand, the ability to quickly and reliably access critical supplies – such as parts for repairs, essential equipment for daily operations and freight deliveries – is a crucial factor in their success. That’s where New Zealand Couriers come in. For over 50 years, New Zealand Couriers have been delivering packages of all sizes throughout Aotearoa with speed and efficiency. In this article, we will explore what goes on behind the scenes at New Zealand’s leading courier service, showing you how workflows are managed simply and effectively under challenging circumstances.

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From delivering critical medical supplies and spare parts to parcels being sent across the country, the team works day and night to make it happen. Our 24/7 distribution centre at Christchurch Airport processes cargo coming in and out daily, ensuring parcels reach their destination overnight or sometimes even within one day! So, what makes a delivery?

Muller van Zyl, Account Manager for New Zealand Couriers says, “Long story short, it’s our team working hard to ensure your parcels get to you, when you need them.”

A 24/7 Operation

“If we weren’t able to operate 24/7, we wouldn’t be able to provide the service we do”, says Muller.

Delivering freight across the country can be a daunting challenge, especially considering the complexities of different terrain and weather conditions. From mountains and valleys to harsh winters and scorching summers, logistics experts must understand how to navigate these barriers efficiently and safely.

Whether it’s coordinating the best delivery routes, selecting the right vehicles, or carefully monitoring weather patterns, freight delivery requires a detailed understanding of the unique challenges posed by each geographical region. Despite these challenges, the team at New Zealand Couriers continue to innovate and evolve, discovering new ways to transform obstacles into opportunities for success.

Muller goes on to say, “It’s not just about getting the parcel from point A to point B, it’s about providing our customers with a daily service that is efficient”. This efficiency is driven by the New Zealand Couriers team working round-the-clock, be it in the depot, on the road, or in the air. Enabling this slick operation is a combination of seven cargo planes transporting packages across the country, through the night, and, for Christchurch alone, a fleet of 24 trucks and a fleet of Boeing 737s are used to provide last-mile delivery services. Parcels are delivered to and from 56 branches with an estimated 550 couriers working day and night.

Technology and Innovation in Christchurch

The automatic sorting machine at the Christchurch New Zealand Couriers facility is capable of processing over 15,000 parcels per hour, making it possible to deliver up to 20,000 parcels in just one day, in Christchurch alone! Muller says, “Our facility is the hub for the whole South Island. So all the parcels moving within the South Island or to and from the North Island, make their way through Christchurch and onto their destination.”

Every package is sorted using a unique barcode that identifies and tracks the parcel through a bespoke online tracking system. Without this efficiency, many services would not be viable – such as sending parcels from one end of the country to another within a day or even having deliveries the next day within Christchurch itself.

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Delivering Critical Supplies

With New Zealand Couriers operating 24/7, critical items are able to be delivered swiftly across New Zealand. These include surgical equipment for hospitals, medication for patients, laboratory samples for testing, spare parts for machines, and construction equipment. Thanks to these essential deliveries, surgeries can take place when needed, and projects remain on track for businesses. Muller sums it perfectly when he says, “Our team shifts around the clock to make the magic happen.”


Delivering parcels across the country is no easy feat, but New Zealand Couriers have mastered the art of speedy and efficient delivery. With an innovative sorting system, a fleet of dedicated vehicles, and a team that works around the clock to make sure things keep moving, customers can be assured that their packages will arrive on time and in perfect condition. Whether it’s delivering medical supplies or getting critical parts to a construction site, the team at New Zealand Couriers are always up for the challenge.