Enviro360 + SaveBOARD

In partnership with SaveBOARD, New Zealand Couriers has taken another sustainability step forward by developing the Enviro360 recycling bag. Fill your Enviro360 with used courier packs, and we’ll take them away and deliver them to SaveBOARD to upcycle into brand new building products. Developed initially for our government clients, the Enviro360 was designed to help all participating government agencies, and now businesses, recycle used courier packs.

Who is SaveBOARD?

SaveBOARD upcycles everyday packaging waste into high-performance, low-carbon building materials. The process uses pressure, heat, and time to make a certified building product with no glues or chemicals. SaveBOARD’s objective is to help make the circular economy an everyday reality by turning composite packaging waste, back into low carbon products that re-enter the local supply chain. They are committed to producing healthy, affordable, and environmentally friendly products.

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SaveBOARD wallboards and ceiling tiles can now be found in residential and commercial buildings throughout Aotearoa. Their products are environmentally stable and can be recycled and used repeatedly. So next time you see one of our express packs, you could be looking at a future input to your next building project.

What is Enviro360?

Even though our courier packs are already made from 80% New Zealand-sourced recycled material,  it can be difficult to work out what to do once you’re finished with them. That’s where our new Enviro360recycle bag comes in – the bag you fill up when you’re done with your used courier packs.

And the good thing is that any packs (ours or otherwise), will be accepted as long as they are clean and dry. Old labels and tickets still stuck to the packs are fine too, making it easy and quick for busy people to act more sustainably. When the bag is full, New Zealand Couriers will pick it up and keep it moving on its upcycling journey.

We then consolidate and linehaul the Enviro360s to their next destination alongside other courier items when there’s surplus space. Utilising surplus space enables New Zealand Couriers to minimise the emissions impact of transporting the recycle bags. When they arrive at their destination, they are then transformed into functional building materials.

Stands for the Enviro360 can be bought from Abstract Design, made and designed in New Zealand.

Why it’s important?

New Zealand only has the ability to recycle three types of plastic (1,2,5), which results in the other plastics being sent to landfills locally or being exported (for example, type 4 soft plastics). This is why the Enviro360 is such an important milestone in our sustainability journey. The Enviro360 provides an effective solution to managing and reducing this type of plastic waste, preventing it from having to go to landfills. It’s a big step forward in our mission to keep as much courier material out of the environment as possible.

The process of upcycling used courier packs and transforming them into building materials significantly contributes to reducing both waste and carbon emissions. At the same time, creating functional products that are intended to last ultimately benefits both people and the planet. The introduction of the Enviro360 also makes it easier for organisations to do their part in addressing climate change. It’s simple, fast, and convenient – with limited extra effort required to leave a positive impact on the environment.

Who are the Enviro360 bags for?

Developed initially for our government clients, the Enviro360 is designed to assist all participating government agencies to recycle used courier packs. The recycle bags are now available to all New Zealand Couriers customers so they can also be more effective in their efforts towards sustainability.


The new Enviro360 recycling bag from New Zealand Couriers is a great way to give waste a second chance.  By sending used courier packs to SaveBOARD, businesses can reduce their environmental footprint while contributing to the creation of long-lasting building materials that are better for the environment. Contact your account representative today to order the Enviro360 bags and start making a difference.

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Take another step towards a more sustainable future with New Zealand Couriers and SaveBOARD. Together, we can create an environmentally-friendly building product to be used for generations to come.

Now, let’s work together to make the circular economy an everyday reality!