How New Zealand Couriers helps Duroweld deliver every day

For the past 50 years, Duroweld NZ has been a trusted provider of welding products and services all over the country. Their main focus is ‘built to last’ hardfacing components, which is why it is so important that Duroweld was able to access reliable delivery services. It is imperative that their packages arrive on time and in perfect condition, no matter where they are going. Thanks to New Zealand Couriers, Duroweld have been able to continue delivering its products to all its customers and meet the highest service standards.

1. Meet the demands of the industry

New Zealand Couriers offers parcel notification delivery services for Duroweld and their customers, which includes tracking parcels in real-time, and managing returns if needed. In an industry that necessitates speed and inefficiency, Duroweld must provide the quickest and most reliable service possible to its customers. Richard Mascull, Director of Duroweld NZ Ltd., confirms the decision to partner with New Zealand Couriers by expressing that New Zealand Couriers “enables my customers to have the very best, quick service that they require in a demanding industry.”

With access to a wide range of reliable delivery services, Duroweld can continue to provide its customers with the best service possible. Richard’s favourite aspect about working with New Zealand Couriers is the quick service to areas a long distance away. He states, “our customer service hinges on New Zealand Couriers’ performance.”

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2. Consistently deliver

When Richard started his business, he immediately opted to partner with New Zealand Couriers due to previous experience. He had already seen first-hand the high calibre operation that New Zealand Couriers runs. As a new business owner, Richard was looking for a way to ensure that his customers would always receive their packages quickly and without any damage. He was delighted to see that New Zealand Couriers continued to provided exactly that.

New Zealand Couriers has consistently met the demands of the welding industry deliveries, and they go the extra mile to ensure that every package is delivered on time, no matter where it needs to go.

3. Save on costs

The cost of processing returns, arranging for packages to be re-delivered, and placating disgruntled customers can skyrocket if a business does not have a trustworthy courier partner.

On top of the cost element, our research shows that 73% of customers say the returns experience will affect the likelihood of them buying from the seller again. With the aim of providing excellent customer service, and therefore generating repeat business, businesses should think about providing returns to their customers.

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To help Duroweld maintain its position in the market and its customer-centric reputation, New Zealand Couriers ensures that Duroweld products are delivered safely and in perfect condition the first time. Richard estimates that New Zealand Couriers saves Duroweld approximately $5,000 to $10,000 a year in returns-related costs by providing an exceptional delivery service, day in, day out.

Continuing to grow together in the future

New Zealand Couriers has proven it is up to the task of providing an efficient and reliable service to Duroweld. Their experienced drivers are trained to use only the best handling practices and take extra care when shipping delicate items. Customers can trust that their orders will be handled with the utmost care during transportation so that their packages arrive undamaged every time. 

Duroweld has a solid marketing plan for four times its current growth by the 2025 financial year, and Richard sees New Zealand Couriers as part of the journey. He goes on to explain,

“We have been steadily growing over the past five years, but we now have a fast-track growth plan. New Zealand Couriers will directly benefit from this growth.”

This unwavering commitment to quality customer service has enabled New Zealand Couriers to become a leader in the delivery industry and is why Duroweld selected them as a partner for all of its shipping needs. Richard’s last words for the New Zealand Couriers team is, “Keep up the impeccable service!”