How New Zealand Couriers helps Kuri City Ltd deliver every day

Geoff Bowers, founder of Kuri City Ltd, has successfully achieved his vision of creating a platform for dog enthusiasts to educate themselves about these lovable creatures and how they enhance our lives. Kuri City also sells raw and frozen products nationwide, providing customers with the finest service. These raw and frozen products must move across the country within a timeframe of 24 to 48 hours to ensure ultimate freshness. In this article, we share how New Zealand Couriers helps bring Kuri City’s vision to life.

1. Reach a wider audience

Kuri City offers an impressive array of products and services, including a retail arm, selling frozen dog food, clothing, and treats (among other things), and provides additional services, including dog training, grooming and kennelling.

Not too long ago, Kuri City relocated its premises and was eager to reach a larger audience. Geoff, founder of Kuri City, told us, “I needed to be able to provide a service for those customers who were unable to use our services after we’d relocated premises.” He considered either outsourcing the deliveries to a third-party logistics provider or hiring a driver to handle them. However, after speaking to the New Zealand Couriers team and discussing his business’ needs, Geoff discovered that NZC could offer an ideal solution.

He continued, “It became obvious that NZC would work through the hurdles alongside us, and make sure we both gained valuable knowledge from the experience.”

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2. Achieve success with technology

As part of their operation, Kuri City uses a variety of our digital products, including our Shipping API, ecommerce integration, and parcel notification services. Together, we ensured that these products worked in conjunction with the Kuri City platform, and created a user-friendly and efficient experience. This is yet another example of how retailers can use technology to drive growth, keep costs down and foster competitive advantage.

In particular, Geoff highlighted New Zealand Couriers’ success in helping boost sales by 10%.

“Only a few deliveries did not arrive on time, and one has been misplaced. Considering we are shipping over 1300kgs of product from 1kg to 5kg boxes a month, those are pretty impressive stats.”

3. Stay ahead of the curve

Since choosing New Zealand Couriers as a transport provider, Kuri City has seen tremendous success in reaching a larger audience and removing location constraints. The company now serves customers from all over New Zealand and continues to grow daily. Geoff tells New Zealand Couriers, “We will continue to deliver in the South Island and then expand to the North Island with your help.”

Taking advantage of New Zealand Couriers’ reliable delivery solutions, Kuri City is able to distribute high-quality pet products to Kiwis all over New Zealand.

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By partnering with New Zealand Couriers, Kuri City has been able to harness technology to widen reach and provide exceptional service. The resulting impact so far has been an increase in sales and heightened customer satisfaction, demonstrating just how powerful technology can be. New Zealand Couriers is proud to be part of Kuri City’s story, and looks forward to further success as the business grows.