How New Zealand Couriers help Sanford deliver every day

Sanford is a seafood company that has been in business for over 100 years. They are passionate about their industry and excited about the future, and they owe much of their success to partners like New Zealand Couriers.

Sanford relies on New Zealand Couriers to provide them with reliable delivery service, delivering every day to all of their customers nationwide. Thanks to our commitment to quality and customer service, Sanford has remained a leader in the seafood industry for many years!

Let’s look at how Sanford relies on providing its customers with a great delivery experience, day in, day out. 

More than 150 years ago, Albert Sanford went fishing for snapper and formed plans for a business that would ultimately grow into New Zealand’s largest seafood company.

New Zealand Couriers have been a large part of their customer experience, with their reliable and time-critical domestic delivery service.

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1. Work Towards Tailored Solutions

Louise Wood details how they’ve worked with New Zealand Couriers to build tailored solutions to fit their business challenges. One challenge is ensuring that their product keeps fresh.

“A couple of years ago, we decided that New Zealand Couriers really needed to change the way in which product was moved. The account management team and operations team were really great to deal with in terms of building that customer solution for us.” – Louise Wood, General Manager of Supply Chain, Sanford.

In addition to their specially designed Chilltainers, Sanford pack their Seafood to keep customers’ boxes chilled under 5°C for at least eight hours. New Zealand Couriers and Sanfords collaborated to put in place line haul vehicles that are temperature-controlled to help manage the quality of their product.

2. Provide Reliable Delivery

Wood, who manages Sanford’s planning, process and physical logistics, covers the importance of reliable delivery, detailing the journey of their line haul piece from Bluff to Christchurch.

“It then gets on a plane, comes up to Palmerston North or to Auckland, and then the product goes into New Zealand Couriers’ depot network. So it’s really important that their network can supply product quickly – next day delivery for us… On an average week would be about 35 tons of product; we would be 99% delivered in full on time.”

3. Provide Fast Shipping for the Best Customer Experience

Sanford’s operations, including over 180 mussel farms and salmon processing and farming in Bluff, are geared toward rapidly transporting their goods.

Research has found that 63% of customers say fast shipping is required to have a positive shipping experience. The need for rapid delivery is heightened as Sanford’s goods are dependent on freshness and have a premium focus on timely shipping.

4. Work with a Kiwi Business

When it comes to a seafood company with the longevity and success of Sanford, it’s crucial to have a courier partner who is available to deliver where and when needed.

If you’re delivering local, it’s essential to have a courier that knows your area and can provide a local service. The significance of selecting a local courier is that it provides a unique brand experience, provides a consistent delivery experience for your customers, and as a result, often leads to increased sales.

Working with partners that understand your business is the most effective approach. Louise says it all when she says “New Zealand Couriers and Sanford are examples of fantastic Kiwi businesses. It’s great that we’ve been able to find a partnership together!”

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Excited about our future

New Zealand Couriers are dedicated to helping Sanford deliver on its promise of providing the best seafood experience in the world. We are proud to have a long history of working together and will continue doing everything to support their success.

When asked whether she would recommend us to a competitor she says:

“No, I don’t want anybody else to get as good a service!”

Thanks Louise for speaking so highly of us! ?

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